Thursday, May 8, 2008

Bad timing

I spend a lot of my time trying to do the right thing by my students - finding ways to cater to their learning needs and all that jazz. I run risks trying to achieve academic and personal growth for all my students and to be honest - I do an alright job at it. I've certainly had successes over the years.

At the moment some of my highlights would have to include:
  • facilitating an online connection between my drama class and one at another school while both are studying the same unit
  • supporting a class of low level learners and helping them to improve their English skills
  • facilitating an online classroom environment for another English class focused on them being more responsible and having the freedom to extend themselves as they feel the need

Now, don't get me wrong I have some absolutely shocking days - and even singular lessons. One's that don't work, that fail terribly and (usually) most publicly.

So, why is it that my leaders only ever seem to be present for those few (and ratio wise, there's more success in my teaching atm then there is failure) terrible lessons? Why is it they never see the good stuff I'm doing?

Probably the answer is this - because I don't put it out there for them to see. I'm one of those, "get on with the job" kind of teachers. I put my head down, my bum up and I worry about the day to day job, not showing it off. Maybe I need to start showing it off - otherwise these people are going to think that I'm a terrible teacher...and I'm not :(

So, how the heck to show it off without being a bragget? That's a question I'm going to ponder for a few more days yet... I'll see how my meeting with my HOD goes tomorrow...

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