Sunday, May 4, 2008

Moving forward

I've been working hard since I started the new job in January - it's been overwhelming, terrifying and exciting all at once. I've been a bit like a kid in a candy store tbh. I'm being set free to explore how to integrate ICTs and pedagogy - how to teach using the new and evolving technologies we're inundated with daily. How awesome is that? Let the geek run free!!!

So, much to hubby's disgust I'm rarely far from my laptop and usually surfing random websites, updating my class blackboards, in other words wasting time...

Tell you what though - web2.0 has some seriously cool things! I realise I'm probably a bit behind, but oh man...I've been in heaven with all the applications to play with.

Meanwhile - what's the question I'm trying to answer today:

Is there anyone out there?

This came up today when hubby mentioned an extended study into the idea of life on other planets (needless to say we were watching Star Trek at the time as well...but that's a whole other story). Given my current preoccupations about teenagers, web2.0 developments and teaching the question means something different to me atm. It's not about aliens or other lifeforms, it's not even about space.

In my opinion all of the 2.0 apps I've been looking at are about one or more of these - Collaboration, Connections, Communication and Creativity. So what is it about the up and coming generations that's driving the development and focus on these things?

I'm in an odd position when it comes to technology and generations - according to the definitions I'm too old to be one of these "screenagers" or Gen Y or whatever else you want to label them as. Which means I'm supposed to be somewhat reserved about technology, somewhat hesitant to take up the new tools..whatever.. I'm not though, I can't imagine not having facebook, msn, mmorpg games, email, smsing...and the list goes on. So - why do I place such an emphasis on things which allow me to Collaborate, Connect, Communicate and Create?

Short answer - because I want to know there are other people out there. People who think, feel and go through the same things (or even different things).

Is there anyone out there? God I hope so - otherwise what's the point of all these new fangled things????

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